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Designer of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth ICs, film producer, and lover of live folk music and comedy...


My days are spent architecting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ICs for mobile and IoT (Internet of Things) applications at the which acquired from CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio, now ) in 2012. I started there in 2000 writing Bluetooth firmware, before migrating to Wi-Fi. As a Fellow my role is now that of overall technical lead, covering both hardware and software.

Prior to Samsung/CSR I developed software for industrial gas detectors at the Sieger division of Zellweger Analytics (now ). They sponsored me through my Engineering and Computing Science degree at the (), and I stayed with them for five years after graduating (with a First) in 1995.

More details of my professional career, qualifications and patents can be found on my LinkedIn profile.


When I get the opportunity I enjoy live performances, especially of folk and acoustic music. Favourite artists include The Burns Unit, Darline, Dixie Chicks, Indigo Girls, Jess Morgan, Madie & Tae, Sugarland, The Waifs and The Willows. I regularly attend the Cambridge and Ely folk festivals, as well as smaller sessions.

I am also keen on live comedy. My favourite performers are currently Pippa Evans (especially as her disturbed American singer-songwriter alter ego Loretta Maine and as part of The Showstoppers ensemble) and Sara Pascoe.


Outside of work I have been active on the committee of the . As chair of the group I led the 2007 rewrite of the Village Design Statement through to its adoption by South Cambridgeshire District Council (the Local Planning Authority) as a Supplementary Planning Document. I also participated in the group's review of planning applications and produce the group's newsletters.

Usually I also have a few home automation (domotics) projects on the go. Beyond their obvious utility, these projects also provide an opportunity to develop and maintain engineering skills beyond those used in my job. A recent project integrated SkyBell HD Wi-Fi video doorbells with Apple HomeKit via a Homebridge plugin. Another looked up Caller ID details in my contacts database and online lists of telemarketers to announce the details of callers via networked music players around the house.

I am also a keen amateur photographer; the picture providing the background to this page was taken at the Tokyo Dome City. I also enjoy cooking and entertaining.

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