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Designer of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth ICs, film producer, and lover of live folk music and comedy...


My days are spent architecting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ICs for mobile and IoT (Internet of Things) applications at the which acquired from CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio, now ) in 2012. I started there in 2000 writing Bluetooth firmware, before migrating to Wi-Fi. As a Fellow my role is now that of overall technical lead, covering both hardware and software.

Prior to Samsung/CSR I developed software for industrial gas detectors at the Sieger division of Zellweger Analytics (now ). They sponsored me through my Engineering and Computing Science degree at the (), and I stayed with them for five years after graduating (with a First) in 1995.

More details of my professional career, qualifications and patents can be found on my LinkedIn profile.


When I get the opportunity I enjoy live performances, especially of folk and acoustic music. Favourite artists include Clare Bowen, Indigo Girls, Jess Morgan, Kerri Watt, Madie & Tae, Raelynn, Sarah Darling, Sugarland, The Waifs and The Willows. I regularly attend the Cambridge and Ely folk festivals, as well as smaller sessions.

I am also keen on live comedy. My favourite performers are currently Pippa Evans (especially as her disturbed American singer-songwriter alter ego Loretta Maine and as part of The Showstoppers ensemble) and Sara Pascoe.


Outside of work I have been active on the committee of the . As chair of the group I led the 2007 rewrite of the Village Design Statement through to its adoption by South Cambridgeshire District Council (the Local Planning Authority) as a Supplementary Planning Document. I also participated in the group's review of planning applications and produce the group's newsletters.

Usually I also have a few home automation (domotics) projects on the go. Beyond their obvious utility, these projects also provide an opportunity to develop and maintain engineering skills beyond those used in my job. Recent projects integrated Home Connect appliances and SkyBell HD Wi-Fi video doorbells with Apple HomeKit via Homebridge plugins. Another looked up Caller ID details in my contacts database and online lists of telemarketers to announce the details of callers via networked music players around the house.

I am also a keen amateur photographer; the picture providing the background to this page was taken at the Tokyo Dome City. I also enjoy cooking and entertaining.

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